SEA Boot Camp

SEA Boot Camp is a one-week introduction to the SEA and WHS for freshmen entering our program. Students are given a Freshman Handbook which includes things they should know about the SEA, and they are given a tour of the West High campus. They learn and improve their technology skills by doing business letters, spreadsheets, and presentations. They play teamwork games to develop their teamwork skills and to get to know some of their fellow SEA freshmen. And they spend the week working on a team Coaster Project. By the end of Boot Camp they are ready for their first official day of high school. Check out these Boot Camp Photos from Week 1 and Boot Camp Photos from Week 2 to see some of these activities from our latest Boot Camp.

Coaster Project

To introduce students to skills in planning, design, teamwork, and documentation, they are placed in teams and given a week-long project: each team must design a roller coaster, build a working model of their design, test their model, and then do written and oral reports on their design.

All of the teams are evaluated based on their coaster performance and features and on the quality of their documentation. The winning team gets SEA swag and a "$1,000,000 check from Six Flags Lathrop" for their winning coaster design. The project is both challenging and fun, as shown by these Scores from Week 1 and Scores from Week 2 .