SEA Chemistry


SEA Chemistry is the third-year science course for students in the Space and Engineering Academy. Chemistry is the study of matter – its structure, functions, and interactions. SEA Chemistry gives students a good foundation in Chemistry with related Earth Science phenomena. Engineering practices are integrated through team design projects. The application of chemistry to space science is also a theme. SEA Chemistry also provides students with skills and content necessary for additional study in science and engineering. The following topics are covered: scientific measurements, combustion, conservation of mass and energy, atomic structure and bonding, Coulomb's law, the internal structure of the earth, feedback loops, thermochemistry, the periodic table, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, Le Chatelier's law, reaction rates, climate change and human effects, solutions, acids and bases, the carbon cycle, and resource management. SEA Chemistry meets all California State Science Standards for Chemistry and Engineering Design, and many California State Science Standards for the Earth and Space Sciences. This is one of three science courses that are required for high school graduation. SEA Chemistry also meets UC and CSU admission requirements for lab science, and is considered an Honors course for UC admission.