SEA Four Year Plan

Our Four Year Plan lays out all of the courses that an SEA student will take each year, for all four years of high school. The plan has some predetermined courses to meet high school graduation requirements and college entrance requirements (for students planning to go to college). Because students in the SEA are interested in science, engineering, and technology, all Four Year Plans also include four years of mathematics and five years of science, and the plans include our specialized English and Science courses. But each plan is also unique, because Academy students have a variety of choices, both in the electives they take and in the courses they choose to meet the requirements.

Creating a Four Year Plan

Before making their Four Year Plans, we ask our students to think about what their current plans and goals are after high school. Do they want to go directly to a four-year college, go to a community college, go to a technical school or career, or go into the military? Based on that, students choose from one of two pathways. Students planning to go to a four year college choose the Engineering Pathway, since it includes all college entrance requirements. Students planning on a technical school or career choose the Technology Pathway, since it includes a few more technical courses. Other students can choose either pathway. For students who are unsure, we recommend the Engineering Pathway so that it keeps the college option open for them. Based on their pathway choice, students then complete their Four Year Plan.

Reviewing and Updating

Within the parameters, students can always make changes to their Four Year Plans as their interests, goals, and abilities develop. Each student's Four Year Plan is put into a digital document and saved where students can get to it. We encourage students to review and update their Four Year Plan at least once each year, when they are requesting classes for the following school year.

Requirements Covered by the Four Year Plan

Here is a summary of the SEA Four Year Plan requirements compared to high school graduation requirements and college entrance requirements:

Subject Area SEA Graduation Requirement High School Graduation Requirement UC/CSU College Admission Requirement
Science 5 courses, including SEA Physics, SEA Biology, SEA Chemistry, Engineering Design, and one other advanced science course (Chemistry AP, Enhanced Physics, Physics 1 AP, Physics C AP, Biology AP, or Product Design). 3 courses (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) 2 lab science courses (3 recommended) - SEA Physics, SEA Biology, and SEA Chemistry are all UC approved lab science courses.
Mathematics 4 courses 2 courses 3 courses (4 recommended)
English 4 courses 4 courses 4 courses
Social Science 3 courses 3 courses 2 courses
Physical Education 2 courses 2 courses none
Fine Arts Technology Pathway: 1 course
Engineering Pathway: 1 UC approved Visual or Performing Arts course
1 course (either Fine Arts or Modern Language) 1 Visual or Performing Arts course
Modern Language Technology Pathway: none
Engineering Pathway: 2 courses
1 course (either Fine Arts or Modern Language) 2 courses (3 recommended)
Technical Courses Technology Pathway: 2 courses
Engineering Pathway: none
none (may use as electives) none
Electives 3 courses 7 courses - any course taken beyond graduation requirements counts as an elective 1 course - Engineering Design is a UC elective course