SEA Graduate Requirements

To be an SEA Graduate, a student must complete all the requirements shown below. Together, these requirements accomplish the goal of our program, which is to prepare students for college and careers in science, engineering, and technology. This information can also be found in our SEA Senior Handbook.


Recognition for SEA Graduates includes a framed certificate, a special notation on the graduate's transcript, an SEA seal placed on the graduate's Diploma, an SEA Medallion the graduate will wear at graduation, and special recognition at graduation.


The table below shows all of the SEA Graduate requirements. To verify that the student has completed each requirement, he/she must provide the evidence shown below. Most evidence is provided by the forms that are linked on the buttons below. All evidence must be placed in the student's graduate binder in the SEA Office by the end of April. Note: SEA Graduates must be students of good character - students who have been disciplined for Academic Dishonesty or Forged Documents are ineligible to be SEA Graduates.

Requirement Binder Evidence Forms & Instructions
Complete an SEA Four Year Plan Up-to-date SEA Four Year Plan Four Year Plan Form
Write a Resume' that is up-to-date and lists your job shadowing and community service activities Up-to-date, neat, clean, complete Resume'
Do a College Survey Completed College Survey College Survey Form
Do a Career Interest Survey Completed Career Interest Survey Career Survey Form
Do 80 hours of Community Service Completed Community Service forms Community Service Form
Do a Mock Interview Mock Interview Evaluation form (completed by interviewer)
Do Job Shadowing Completed Job Shadowing form Job Shadowing Form
Take the ASVAB ASVAB Score Report
Do a Senior Service Project Satisfactory completion of the project Senior Project Guide
Requirement Binder Evidence
Do all SEA Graduate requirements See above
Have a Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better Current Transcript
Get Recommendations from four teachers Four letters of recommendation from teachers, written specifically for SEA Honors - no generic letters