Wolfpack Robotics 9378

Wolfpack Robotics is an after-school club sponsored by the Space and Engineering Academy but open to all West High students. Most of the team members are Academy students. The club is divided up into teams of 5-8 students, and each team designs, builds, and programs a robot made out of VEX Robotics equipment. The robots are designed to perform in regional VEX Robotics Tournaments.

Competitive Robotics

Competitive robotics is exciting, challenging, and engaging for our robotics teams. Without even realizing it, students are developing valuable skills in design, mechanics, programming, strategy, problem-solving, and teamwork. Our teams put in two to four or more hours each week after school working on their robots.

Our 2019-2020 Teams

Team Delta:

Cydnet Macon, Jordan Mangskau, Kim Thach, Nevaeh Thompson

Team Gamma:

Qudsi Aljabiri, Pranav Banuru, Jamey Farin, Laasya Gadamsetti, Philip Ha, Wentinn Liao, Brandon Lindner, Dalton Young

Team Psi:

Mark Fernandez, Matthew Leung, Alexander Quezada, Kaedan Solomon, Jayce Thorburn

Team Sigma:

Charles Baker, Jaekob Borges, Kenneth Collins, Eduardo Godinez, Tony Li, Carlos Martinez, David Millet, Fernanda Tapia

Team Tau:

Manveer Bajwa, Jonathan Cruz, Arsh Muhib, Aaron Son

Team Omega:

Zoren Acelar, Daniel Grover, Kenny Han, Eesa Hasawaray, Benny Marenco, Janice Subroto, Matthew Tanak, Ayush Thakur

View the Club History for past teams and their accomplishments

The 2019-2020 Game: Tower Takeover

Matches are played on a field set up as shown below. Two Alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two Teams each, compete in each Match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing Alliance by stacking cubes and putting cubes in towers. A bonus is awarded to the Alliance that has the most points at the end of the Autonomous Period.

For detailed rules see the Tower Takeover Game Rules.