SEA Senior Service Project

The goal of the SEA Senior Service Project is to plan, develop, and implement a team service project for a charitable organization - giving our seniors the opportunity to put into practice many of the engineering, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills they have learned through their four years. Below you will see a general Guide for the Project which includes criteria, steps, and deadlines. The buttons link to the forms that go with the project.

Our Senior Project Hall of Fame shows the top few projects from each year.

Senior Project Guide 2022-23

This Senior Project Guide is also available as a pdf.

Project Criteria
Target Organization Your project will be for a school, community, religious, or charitable organization.
Projects may not be performed for businesses.
Projects done for schools must have the principal's approval.
Long-lasting Project Your project must make a significant, lasting contribution to the organization.
The project may not just provide routine services to the organization.
The project may not just be a fundraiser for the organization.
Donations and Expenses Your project must be completed at no cost to the organization.
You may ask anyone for donations of funds or materials for the project.
Funds that you or your parents give toward the project are counted as donations.
Equipment that is loaned to you is not counted as a donation.
Any leftover funds raised for the project will be donated to the organization.
Time and Teamwork You will work in a team of four seniors, who will plan and implement the project.
Each team member must spend a minimum of 10 hours on the project.
The total time spent by all team members together on the project must be a minimum of 50 hours.
All team members must participate in all phases of the project: planning, implementation, and presentation.
No team member may put in more than 150% of the hours of any other member.
Documentation You must take pictures as your build your project, and of the completed project.
Each day that you work on your project, you must add an entry to your online Activity Report.
Each time that you receive donations, or buy items for your project, you must add an entry to your online Expense Report.
Work Location and Supervision Your team must have an adult mentor who can help your team with construction techniques, proper use of power tools, and safety.
Adults may be involved in your project, but your team members must do the work. For example, adults may show you how to use power tools, but your team must use them to build the project.
Your team may NOT construct your project inside someone’s living areas - do it in a garage, work shed, or covered patio.

Step Task Deliverable Downloadable Form
1: Team Form your Team. Complete the Project Signup Form and turn it in to Mr. Moehnke. PROJECT SIGNUP FORM DUE FRIDAY, SEP 9th, 2022 Signup Form
2: Proposal Choose a target organization. Talk with them about your project. Create Onshape drawings of your proposed project. Find an adult who can serve as a mentor for your project. Complete the Project Proposal Form. Make an appointment to meet with Mr. Moehnke. PROJECT PROPOSAL FORM DUE FRIDAY, OCT 7th, 2022 Onshape Guide
Proposal Form
3: Proposal Review Meet with Mr. Moehnke to present your proposal and get feedback. MTG BY APPOINTMENT OCT 10-21, 2022
4: Proposal Approval Revise your proposal as directed by Mr. Moehnke and resubmit it. REVISED PROPOSAL DUE FRIDAY, OCT 28th, 2022
5: Implementation After your proposal is approved, carry out your project. Take pictures every day you work. Record your time, activities, donations, and expenses every day you work using your online Activity Report and Expense Report. Save all receipts. TAKE DAILY PHOTOS AND UPDATE YOUR ONLINE ACTIVITY REPORT AND EXPENSE REPORT DAILY
6: Completion Complete your project and email photos of the completed project to Mr. Moehnke. PHOTOS OF THE COMPLETE PROJECT DUE FRIDAY, JAN 20th, 2023
7: Inspection Mr. Moehnke will assign an SEA staff member to inspect your project. Arrange an inspection with your inspector, at your inspector’s convenience. Your inspector will complete the Project Inspection Form and give a copy to you and a copy to Mr. Moehnke. If you do not pass, fix any problems and have your project re-inspected by the same inspector. GET INSPECTED BY FRIDAY, FEB 10th, 2023 - FIX PROBLEMS AND PASS INSPECTION BY FRIDAY, MAR 3rd, 2023 Inspection Form
8: Delivery After you pass inspection, Mr. Moehnke will give you an SEA plaque. Attach the plaque to your project and deliver it to your target organization. Complete the Project Delivery Form, print out your online Activity Report and Expense Report, and turn them all in to Mr. Moehnke. PROJECT DELIVERY FORM, ACTIVITY REPORT, AND EXPENSE REPORT DUE FRIDAY, MAR 3rd, 2023 Delivery Form
9: Presentation Prepare your presentation. Schedule a presentation time with Mr. Moehnke. Give your presentation to the review panel and answer their questions. PRESENTATION BY APPT, MARCH 13, 14, 16, 20, 21, or 23, 2023 Presentation Guide