Past SEA Students of the Year

Students of the Year 2012-2013

Seniors Chloe Pounds and Maxwell Gibbard; Juniors Maddie Wright and Luke Reed; Sophomores Effie Nehoran and Alexander Xu; Freshmen Ganesh Vurimi and Ysabelle Kim.

Students of the Year 2011-2012

Seniors Elizabeth Theobald and Kyle Christopher; Juniors Chloe Pounds and Daniel Baratta; Sophomores Maddie Wright and Barak Nehoran; and Freshment Aishwarya Singh and Shiv Khanna

Students of the Year 2010-2011

Freshmen Arianne Coleto and Barak Nehoran; Sophomores Maxwell Gibbard and Krystal Mendez; Juniors Jianna DeHoyos and Dave Nehoran; and Seniors Salman Kahn and Monica Siu.

Students of the Year 2009-2010

Freshmen Oliver Huang and Krystal Mendez; Sophomores Dave Nehoran and Jennifer Martinez; Juniors Salman Kahn and Monica Siu; and Seniors Eunice Sale and Dennis Coleto.

Students of the Year 2008-2009

Seniors Michael Alaguena and Melinda Speckmann; Juniors Dennis Coleto and Manille Francisco; Sophomores Monica Siu and Salman Kahn; and Freshmen Jennifer Martinez and Dave Nehoran.

Students of the Year 2007-2008

Freshmen Monica Siu and Salman Kahn; Sophomores Eunice Sale and Dennis Coleto; Juniors Melinda Speckmann and Manav Singh; and Seniors Molly Beckler and Jay Modi.

Students of the Year 2006-2007

Freshmen Eunice Sale and Dylan Pounds; Sophomores Manav Singh and Melinda Speckmann; Juniors Molly Beckler and Jay Modi; and Seniors Alison Aboud, Elise Fider, Ryan Elwood and Garrett Dong.

Students of the Year 2005-2006

Freshmen Melinda Speckmann and Manavjot Singh; Sophomores Molly Beckler, Jay Modi, and Mohammad Arain; Juniors Garrett Dong and Allison Aboud; and Seniors Samantha Lee and John Mathews.

Students of the Year 2004-2005

Freshmen Bryan Thien and Molly Beckler; Sophomores Emiel Schaap and Elise Fider; Juniors Meghan O'Brien and Chuks Obi; Seniors Johanna Leeper and Jaspinder Brar.

Students of the Year 2003-2004

Freshmen Emiel Schaap and Elise Fider; Sophomores John Mathews and Meaghan O'Brien; Juniors Jarrett Aboud, Johanna Leeper and Jackie Baechler; and Seniors Garrett DeHoyos, Melissa Sanchez and Jennifer Tallman.

Students of the Year 2002-2003

Freshmen Meghan O’Brien and Patrick Pragman; Sophomores Linda Huynh and Jaspinder Brar; Juniors Jennifer Tallman and Garrett DeHoyos; and Seniors Raime Gipaya and Robert Perry.

Students of the Year 2001-2002

Freshmen Daniel Masquelier and Caitlin O'Brien; Sophomores Gabriel Lanoza and Angela Alchesky; Juniors Raime Gipaya and Jorien Baza; and Seniors Janine Tallman and Pawel Przywozny.

Students of the Year 2000-2001

Freshmen Jennifer Tallman, Brian Montgomery and Cory McKague; Sophomores Jessica Pineda, Andrew Shipman and Brannen Clark; Juniors Melissa Riddle, Chris Stenger and Colby McKague; and Seniors Diane Garcia, Clinton Edmiston and Dominic Calderon.

Students of the Year 1999-2000

Freshmen Rajbir Kang and Brannen Clark; Sophomores Gail Watling and Christopher Stenger; Juniors Leslie Mason and Michael Sorenson; and Seniors Melissa Leslie, John Alldredge and Steven Dietrich.

Students of the Year 1998-1999

Freshmen Matt Ziock and Melissa Riddle; Sophomores Gabe Nunez and Johana Valenzuela ; Juniors Melissa Leslie and Charles Tyler; Seniors Josh Tallman and Estela Blanco.